High prices for young birds: 6000 EUR - 3200 EUR - 3000 EUR - 2500 EUR - 2300 EUR - 1900 EUR - etc... etc... MINERVA sold for 6500 EUR! 16 from 26 pigeons will go to China!

P-BAY is growing step by step to the highest level of the international top auction field. Besides several owners and breeders of a lot of 1st national ace pigeon KBDB wich are and will be sold on P-BAY, now we can present the first internet auction of AMEEL-VANLAKE from Dadizele from the province of West Flanders. They started racing pigeons in 2003 and after 13 years they play all of the card. From Arras to Barcelona. With the same racing pigeons they race from 100 untill 1100 km. This from the first untill the last weekend of the racing pigeons.

Clients or buyers ask us many times which the air freight or shipment cost is to their country. P-BAY made an overview from this costs.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us!