The very best of Leo Heremans! Incl. full brother ‘Nieuwe Olympiade’! This auction will end this Saturday!

Jos Adami (Meerhout, BE) has an overwhelming start: “My pigeons don’t know clear water during the season…”

Jos Adami (Meerhout, BE) has an overwhelming start. Meerhout’s Jos Adami’s  colony take the stage of ‘samenspel Oostgrens’ by storm. Big-named competitor are demoted to followers.Last weekend he did it again. The elder flew a nice prizepercentage (11/15), but missed the head of the game, the yearlings took on the main prize on Momignies and Soissons. Click HERE to read the full report of ADAMI!

Vandals run loose in La Ferte (Or did something go seriously wrong on the releasepoint?)

In the night of Saturday-Sunday La Ferte was hit by vandals or thiefs. That’s the notification that accompanier Paradis gave on Sunday around 10 to Vlaams Brabant’s president, Mr. Eddy Claeskens. While the driver was taking his nap, a few were able to undestirbedly  open some blinds. This were the driver’s finding… … Click HERE to read the full story…

Fixed prizes: direct daughter ‘Gladiator’ – or. Geerinckx, Wommelgem (B) for sale!

In the category fixed prize, we offer you a direct daughter to the phenomenon ‘Gladiator’. The actual number 1 breeder at the loft of Geerinckx (Wommelgem, B.). Sister to different actual top racers… The highest quality, bred at Geerinckx! Click here to check all the information…

Auction will start next week!

Auction Ad Pasmans breaks record on P-BAY: 15,000 EUR for “Red Pearl”, an average of 2,500 EUR!

We were preparing for a new auction that would hopefully be breaking another record on our P-BAY website. Keeping in mind the ‘terrible’ times and the transport problems that trouble the Chinese customers, we never suspected this ultimate outcome… Around 16h it was curtain call for Ad Pasmans’ auction. A super on Dutch pigeonturf. Last year he managed to win 1. National Ace NPO Young Pigeons. A title that all “Big Dutchmen” are eager to win. Prestigious and fame full… Pasmans came, saw and was victorious… Click HERE to read the whole article…

FCI Grandprix Black Sea One Loft Race Romania

The Black Sea One Loft Race is an FCI Grandprix Race from Romania . It is well-known around the pigeon fanciers around Europe . In 2013 the Black Sea One Loft Race was a complete success and for sure that this year it going to be bigger! The first trip for collectin the pigeons was made durig 25-30 march around Europe in Germany , Holland , Belgium and there are already over  250 pigeons inside the Black Sea One Loft Race fighting for the 90.000 euro prize money… Click HERE to read all information!

Kurt & Raf Platteeuw have a sublime start in season 2014! “71 percent… I never had those grades in school!”

In several places the fever is getting high. Pigeonseason 2014 burst lose in its full glory. Like at Kurt & Raf Platteeuw’s (Rumbeke, BE) all pigeons went on sprint-flights. Clermont was on the programm… Preparations for the coming season. Kurt Platteeuw: “- Man, I think I’m going to stay on sprint-flight… Click HERE to check his results!

International pigeonsport & P-BAY give their support, by means of a ‘Support Auction’ for Stichting Hart Voor Emma, for a toddler that has to fight for her life!

Recently we were approached by our costumer Wim Clermonts (NL), who had gotten very involved, through a firend in the destiny of the 3-year-old girl Emma that has neuroblastoma cancer. The treatment requires a lot of money, which isn’t covered by healthinsurance. Wim Clermonts wanted to organise a coupon auction and asked if we wanted to host the auction for the good cause at our website  P-BAY  We agreed without any hesitation… The total amount of the lots will be donated to this foundation… Click HERE to read more!

Coming up, next week! The very best of Leo Heremans, incl. full brother to ‘New Olympiade’…

Esther’s blog: new update!

‘P-BAY’s ‘Wall of Fame’ expands: Rik COOLS and Kurt & Raf PLATTEEUW donate their heart and soul to P-BAY!

The fact that P-BAY’s in an upward motion, seems obvious… Already several ‘biffer’ and total ‘sales’ were signed. Several negotiations are going in the right direction. Right… The balance of auctionseason 2013-2014 can be made. After the Desbuquois brother (Kappelle O/D Bos) revealed their next ‘surrender’ to P-BAY, they were told to be ‘crazy’. But Michel and Didier are far from crazy. No, everything was thoroughly thought through. From the first step to the last: they had thought about this at Desbuquois exceptionally well. Desbuquois started negotiations with P-BAY. They looked … Click HERE to read the full story!

Wanted pigeons!

For clients worldwide, we are looking for the following pigeons: original Gaby VANDENABEELE (BE.) birds (specially for direct children of Rudy etc…) – original JANSSEN BROS (BE.) birds – original HOUBEN (BE.). If you have this kind of birds for sale, don’t hesitate and contact us through! Thanks for your corporation… 

Hennie La Grouw, a qualitative elavation from Amsterdam with unseen results!

Amsterdam -  The sun shines down richly on the Amsterdam canals This beautifull and multicultural streatview is tsuperchampion Hennie La Grouw’s daily scenery whos been making a worldwide impression from Netherlands’ capital for years with his pigeons The by him and his father’s combined founderpigeons from Louis van Loon and Comb Verbree turned into the formula that could make several ‘Einstein’ jalous The results were amazing and have a garentuee for success for years In short: We’re talking about … Click here to read more!

Coming up!

Esthers’ Blog now online!

The auction of Desbuquois bros was an amazing success! An average of 3.130 EUR

P-Bay currently exist a bit over a year… And after a year we can note one highlight after the other. Today the auction of Michel and Didier Desbuquois came to a close. The Barcelona-masters from Kapelle Op Den Bos. Nine pigeons were bred and selected. Specifically for P-BAY. DNA-certificates were made. The pigeons were glorified on the white plate like professional models. Afterwards a catalogue was made by P-BAY and distributed on FUGARE last weekend. To top it of the … … click here to read more!

Very successful celebration for the National Champions 2013 (NL)

Finally it was going to happen. The celebration that loving Netherland was waiting for. The festive evening of the Nederlandse Postduiven Organisation (NPO) with of course as main event the celebration of the new National Champions 2013. Among those gathered were plenty celebrities from the international pigeon sport that along with the winners were visibly enjoying this spectacular night. Click here to read the full report…

Coming up soon: auction of 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon NPO Young Birds 2013 at P-BAY!

P-BAY keeps looking for the best pigeons that are to come by in Belgium and the Netherlands. To serve several buyers, all over the world. That’s why we drove ‘North’. Direction the Netherlands. For a visit with Ad Pasmans. And indeed: a nice piece of cake made the conversation a tad more enjoyable. Before us was one of the country’s ‘superstars’. A new phenomenon , so to speak… Right. Ad Pasmans is responsible for quite some upheaval in the Netherlands. Due to his ironstrong results he puts his mark on the pigeonseason… Click here to read more!